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Our own parts for Aston Martins are manufactured to extremely high standards, all parts are fully inspected to attain appropriate approvals and often track tested for durability before being sold by an Aston Specialist.
View our parts for Aston Martins DB4, DB5, DB6, DBS & V8.

Where our reconditioning/rebuilds and upgrades for Aston Martin engines & cylinder heads differ from others, is internally, with considerable experience in proven development, component materials and advanced technology we are able to increase efficiency, reliability and performance without compromise, in many aspects exceeding original specifications and output.
View our engine & cylinder head reconditioning & rebuild service for Aston Martins DB4, DB5, DB6, DBS & V8.

Development facility to dedicated engine build & developments, with a comprehensive production engineering workshop, operated by highly competent engineers fully experienced in engine development, custom parts & component production for Aston Martins.
View our custom developments for Aston Martins DB4, DB5, DB6, DBS & V8.

Here at JMB Services our doors are always open, only too happy to offer help & advice. We have a friendly service and people who know what's what so you can be guaranteed sound advice.
You can give us a call, send us an email or even pop in to discuss any questions you may have.
Call Us on: 01621 815 556 or you may prefer to Email Us "Click Here" or pop in using our directions "Click Here".


Custom JMB oil pump for DB4, DB5, DB6 & DBS Classic Heritage Aston Martins.
As dedicated engineers to parts for Classic Heritage Aston Martins we are now extremely proud to announce the release of JMB custom oil pumps.

Our development continues to improve upon the already exceptional standards of Aston Martins original specifications.

We have remade the patterns to our newly designed specifications to maintain accuracy and longevity.

Our new custom oil pump has internal core modifications to enhance oil flow and increase efficiency.
Reworked oil passageways to smooth & enhance the oil flow through the pump.
Further tweaks have been made elsewhere to reduce rotating inertia.

Also... JMB Custom V8 Water Pump Coming Soon!

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JMB Services understands your passion, which is why we focus on the engineering quality of parts & components for Aston Martins,
often designed way beyond the usual limits or requirements of the original parts to ensure you get nothing but the best to enhance your cherished classic.

JMB Services are an independent Aston Specialist and have a huge array of custom made parts, upgrades, conversions & enhancements all tried & tested.
We manufacture discontinued parts for Aston Martins, even if it means designing our own tooling which means we can add a little tweak here or there
to improve upon the design & longevity of the component, sometimes re-designing them completely with our in-house manufacturing process.

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