Conrods by JMB Services

Custom Conrods for Classic Heritage Aston Martins

Custom replacement conrods for DB4, DB5, DB6 & DBS Classic Heritage Aston Martins.

JMB Services conrods are custom made from EN24 material.

They are engineered with a strengthening portion around the bolt head to increase the strength in the weakest part of the connecting rod.

All rods are then bead blasted to ensure an even surface tension which further reduces any chance of fatigue or failure.

All connecting rods are fitted with high strength ARP2000 bolts derived from many years of racing experience.

Our lightweight strengthened conrods provide superior oil flow, performance and reliability.

JMB conrods are made to order and can take around 4 to 8 weeks for completion.

Contact us today to order your custom conrods for Aston Martins!