Crankshafts by JMB Services

To fit DB4, DB5, DB6 & DBS Aston Martins

JMB Services custom crankshafts for Aston Martins originated from an in-house modification we designed for a V8 racing crankshaft. After the great results, and feedback, from the racing crank we decided to build this design into new billet EN40B crankshafts. They are engineered from race derived technology for a smoother, more efficient performance. Our standard crank has been made with 12 counterbalance weights to aid unprecedented smoothness of running. They also incorporate a radius leading edge and scalloped trailing edges which in-turn makes for a very smooth and efficient running crank due to the way it cuts through the thick oil mist in the crankcase.

These cranks are a 'made to order' product.